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About FAM


Family Assistance Ministries is a faith-based charitable non-profit organization assisting those in need in southern Orange County with resources for food, shelter, and personalized supportive counsel and aid, helping clients bridge the gap from dependency to self-sufficiency.


FAM was founded in 1999 by Ellen Gilchrist to accommodate the families that a local church was no longer able to serve.

The first case in September 1999 provided rental assistance to FAM's first client. Eviction was avoided, and within 30 days the individual got a full-time job and soon became a self-sufficient and productive member of the community.

This humble story articulates the vision of FAM—helping people on the brink of homelessness to become self-sufficient.

Ultimately, our focus is on prevention.

Today FAM provides food, shelter, and client aid to tens of thousands in Orange County. We provide assistance for utilities, transportation, medical, dental, and prescription drugs, as well as financial counseling, free income tax preparation and collaboration with other social services organizations to provide referrals and medical screenings, immunizations, eye glasses, and much more!

FAM belongs to several collaborative and social services regional groups in order to provide full services to those in need.

In 2015, FAM had over 50,000 encounters with people in need, with 40% of them minor children. Nearly $1.8 million in food to the hungry was distributed throughout Orange County and over $120,000 in cash aid was granted in the form of vouchers and bills paid.

FAM also sheltered 60 women—many with young children—in our interim/transitional shelter, Gilchrist House.

Without dedicated and talented volunteers, who served over 12,000 hours in 2015, FAM would not be able to achieve its mission.

FAM Financials

Form 990 FY 2013-14 (Year ending June 30, 2014)
2014 Independent Auditor's Report

Form 990 FY 2012-13 (Year ending June 30, 2013)
2013 Independent Auditor's Report

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