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March 2018 Newsletter Update

March 2018 Newsletter Update

Jack came into FAM’s Resource Center several days ago. He was profoundly stressed, overwhelmed and desperate. He was visibly agitated, anxious to talk with a skilled FAM case manager.

Unfortunately, it was a very busy day here. Jack seemed exasperated as he waited. As soon as she could, FAM case manager Marjorie welcomed him, and began the process of assessing his needs, to help him find real solutions.

This is a hallmark of the FAM strategy--to listen and encourage, to dig deep, and help work out solutions, avoiding dependency, while assuring accountability. Here’s what Marjorie determined:

“I learned that Jack had a distinguished career. He served honorably in the United States Air Force. He had been a professor at an ivy league school and had even contributed to drafting legislation. For years he and his wife ran an environmental engineering company. They were justly proud, a hard-working couple, the kind of people who make their own way and don’t take.

“But three years after Jack retired, Betty fell ill. She was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis), a progressively disabling disease of the central nervous system. After a year of treatment, she was getting worse, unable to cope, becoming increasingly susceptible to stress of any kind. They were forced to give up their business..."

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