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October 2016 Newsletter Update

October 2016 Newsletter Update

What an unforgettable moment! And what an incredible story!

She was at FAM and just burst into tears over the good news, and couldn’t stop weeping.

Sandy had just escaped from a 13-year abusive relationship. She arrived with essentially nothing and was working as an auto detailer, but living with her daughter, Julia, 15, in her car…homeless. You might have seen them around town scavenging through trash bins, looking for recyclable cans and bottles.

Living on the streets, they never felt safe. It was very scary, until Sandy found a very used and worn out camper shell for $120. "The condition inside that camper was terrible. The mattress was rotten, the wood was falling apart, and there was mildew everywhere…but it had a door. When I saw it had a door and a lock, I didn't hesitate... ‘I’ll take it!’ and we began cleaning it up."

"We parked the camper at a local business near a junk yard where I did the auto detailing, but we were still homeless. We never knew what would happen during the night, or the next day. I would feel so sad for my daughter, Julia. It was all we could afford and I felt so guilty. She could never bring her school friends over to ‘our house.’ It was depressing for us both. Then, when it seemed like things couldn’t get worse, the accident..."

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