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November 2016 Newsletter Update

November 2016 Newsletter Update

Your partnership is so appreciated…especially during the holidays!

For your trust and confidence in FAM, for the honor of serving with you to help the needy and homeless, thank you!

With the holidays rapidly approaching, I want you to share in the joy of what your partnership has done for Lindsay.

“Ten years ago my husband passed away in a sudden and tragic accident. I became a single mom with four children. My parents both passed away when I was young. We were now alone and I struggled to pay my bills and rent. We lost our housing and ended up in a shelter. I was desperate for help, I just couldn’t make it on my own.

“I remarried but almost immediately my new husband became verbally, mentally and physically abusive. I learned too late that I had married the wrong guy, that he had a criminal record. I filed for divorce and a restraining order and then, for the sake of my now, five children, and for myself, we fled.

“Because I was only qualified for minimum wage jobs, the only safe shelter I could afford was cheap motels. When I would run out of money, I had no other options but to sleep in my car with my younger ones. My older children stayed with friends....

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