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January 2017 Newsletter Update

January 2017 Newsletter Update

Through moments of tears, Anne shared her heart. Anne, a senior in her mid-60s, had worked for many years as a nursing assistant, caring for the sick and aged in their homes. She poured herself into her work so much that she did not realize that she was critically ill until it had gotten quite serious.

“I began to experience funny feelings. When I went to the doctor, I found out I had extremely high blood pressure. It had destroyed my kidneys and I was entering full kidney failure. I needed a transplant.”

Anne was able to receive that organ transplant. As she began to recover, she developed diabetes and a series of infections. Unable to work, with only a small social security check and no fallback position to sustain her, Anne became homeless.

She had no choice but to live in her car for a year and a half, and the infections continued. “It was a scary experience, especially at nighttime. I never knew who was out there, what strange person was walking by. It’s hard to sleep in a car, and sometimes for fear, I could not sleep. Many bad things happen at night. I also have sleep apnea but had no way to run my CPAP breathing machine."

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