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February 2017 Newsletter Update

February 2017 Newsletter Update

Imagine that you are walking down the street enjoying the sun and a light breeze. Without warning, a parked car right in front of you disappears from sight. A huge sinkhole has opened up. It not only swallowed up the car but also a large portion of the sidewalk. Another two steps, and you’d have been in there with the car! By now you’ve stepped back. You can see that the walls of the sinkhole are unstable, and crumble easily. Had you fallen in, any attempt to dig out would have failed—short of the fire department throwing you a line.

Now, a simple question: What’s better, to fall into the hole, unable to dig yourself out or... TO NOT FALL IN AT ALL?

The answer is obvious. Though it often happens slowly, becoming homeless is like falling into a sinkhole.

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